Artist Statement

Loving art comes as naturally to me as breathing air. It’s just a part of me. Of all my interests in life, art triggers a real passion inside of me. Creating something meaningful from my imagination and having it manifest on canvas is a real thrill for me. I love sharing my skills and talent with people who are interested. I love it when people watch me sketch over my shoulder or when they watch me paint live. It kind of puts the pressure on.

Creating Images from scratch is part of the fascination in art for me. It seems like a fairly human thing to do or to even grasp. Although, I hear one phrase a lot from people who love to watch me draw, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”. It makes me aware of how much of a gift being able to draw and paint truly is.

I try to remind humans of their responsibilities to themselves with my art, to those around them, to the environment, and to wildlife. I have begun using my art as a way to draw attention to the plight of those who have no voice of their own to speak up. I began with championing bees because the alignment was just too cosmic to ignore and my heart goes out to them since I have watched their numbers wane over the years. The existence of bees is vital to our own more than most other species and that symbiotic relationship needs to be replenished.

Art is not merely a business for me, but a way of life and maybe a way to help preserve life.