Nuwud Art Prints

  • Patrick Wood painting, Up Close.
  • Patrick Wood painting, Sorrow.
  • Patrick Wood painting, Moonbath.
  • Encased Spirit by artist, Patrick Wood, of Nuwud Art.
  • Crystal Clear Meditation by artist, Patrick Wood, of Nuwud Art.
  • Bliss by artist, Patrick Wood, of Nuwud Art.

The Art Of Patrick Wood

The color and vibrancy expressed by the art of Patrick “Nuwud” Wood brightens any space a piece of his occupies. Each piece brings a heavy emotion along with it as it cuts right down to your soul.

Patrick uses his art work as a vehicle of self exploration and to express heavy feelings that are difficult to deal with. The end result is magnificent art to be enjoyed by you.

Patrick’s art has taken him to many places and he has much more travelling in store. Painting murals internationally is a long time goal for this talented artist. Patrick is currently taking bookings for mural paintings.

Fans Of Patrick Wood

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Patrick Wood of Nuwud Art

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